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How To Ask For A Lap Dance [GUIDE]

Asking for a lap dance may be something some may view as daunting but we can assure your it’ll be alright, you’re in the right place. Gentlemen club etiquette the dying cultural trait, but we are here to guide you through this. Take a deep breathe and rest assured that we will guide you through asking for a lap dance.

“It’s The Millennial Faults”

Of course that’s alway’s the case now-a-days; but according to a vice article Reddit posts showed an increasing amount of users asking for “stripper-free” bachelor party ideas. some suggested, clay trap shootings, going to escape rooms, zip-lining, and one user even suggested going to Arby’s.. However me personally I prefer some chicken wings and exotic dancers any day over most things. Anyways, back to business.

But First We Must Warn You

The thoughts shared in the article are made by our dinky web guy who probably needs the guide for himself and do not represent the thoughts of The Broward County’s Gentlemens club Goldfinger in sunrise, we love the millennials.

Step 1: Don’t Be Shy Enter the Club

Seeing as you are reading this right now you are most likely not in a club and in front of your computer reading this in the privacy of your own home, otherwise you might be in a club like ours with sweaty palms trying to build up the courage to ask a girl for a lap dance. Have no fear clammy hands we are here for you and will guide you every step of the way.

Step 2: Pick a Spot To Sit

Strip club nice lrgs

It really depends on the club and their layout, but it usually helps to take a seat near the front of a stage. Now if you are looking to actually get a dance we wouldn’t recommend sitting in front of the main stage. Main stage is a place for your eyes, if you are by there you should be tipping for the dancer’s time. Don’t feel pressured to shove your hourly wage in a g-string, setting it on the rail is fine, but you’ve got a front row seat so try to not be a free loader.

Step 3: Calm Down and Build Up Some Courage

This is no time for you to be a cowardly dog. Loosen up, you don’t have to be formal or stiff, but mind your manners and remember don’t touch the girls. The dancers get to touch you, but you don’t touch them.

Step 4: Take a Look and Make a Choice

Hopefully by now you’ve got your eyes set on a dancer thats peaked your interest. This is your moment bucko, don’t miss your chance at the end of her set ask her for a dance.

Step 5: Pop the Magical Question

We know this probably might be your first rodeo so here are several ways you can ask for a dance:

  • “Are you available for a dance?” and “How much for a dance?” are both usually fairly easy ways to ask.  However we know for some of you that might not cut it. For the shy ones have no fear, we’ve got a solution for you too. Have your friend “buy” you a dance this way you get what you want without the initial social interaction.
asking for a lap dance
  • If you know someone who’s a regular have them join the fun. Having a friend give you an introduction doesn’t hurt either.
  • Make it a group thing… sounds weird, but the truth is, you’ll have more fun with people you know. Consider it just another bar that come with exotic entertainment. You’ll feel different this way vs if you go just for the dancers.

Now remember, lap dances are always over too soon and between your dances there’s nothing but you and your drink. So come with you mind open, pockets ready, and ready to drink.

That’s it at this point if you needed more help I couldn’t even fathom the words, but be sure to check out our homepage for upcoming events or click here to reserve a table for your next visit!

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