A Gentlemens Guide to Gentlemens clubsEating as a Strip Club

The Art to Eating at Strip Clubs

Some might say who would want to eat dinner at a strip club? I think its first important to ask, why wouldnt you want to eat dinner at the strip club? I’ve been to many bachelor parties. and many times we start our night at a steakhouse before moving on to see a lovely ballet of boobs Steak is always good! but I always felt myself anxious to finish the boring part of the night before moving onto the real reason for getting out of the house- I can get a steak any night but this night will be made special by nude women. Why do we waste time at the steakhouse? We’re men, doing man things, but we start our night eating w’th families and chiIdren around? We have to begin our night by watching our mouths and trying not to offend soccer moms? Strip club night is for men to be men. so its time for men to quit pretending we wouldnt rath er be devouring our beef while watching a hard-bodied 22 year old nvirl on a pole wearing a G-string, So be

a hero and plan your next dinner with a show fit for a king.

Well sure. but,.is that safe? Where did we get this idea? Sure. iive been to some “gentlemen’s clubsn where I felt the need to wear

contraception before sitting down- We arent going to one of those joints tonight we’re going to the place that has the best looking women and

you can be assured that their kitchen will put out top-notch food to match, IVe found a fail-safe rule for the adult night clubs near me; the place

with the best women on stage will have the best food. Dont worry: there arent nude women preparing your food: I’m sure the health department

wouldn’t like that Yeah. it’s safe to eat there: and the food will be great

Now that we’ve established that we’d rather eat dinner while watching strippers: what excuses do we have? Certainly. the food is outrageously

priced. right? have you ever asked to see a menu? You’ll quickly find that it’s very inexpensive- certainly less expensive than many of the

places i Ve traditionally visited prior to taking the party to the adu It bars near me. Now it seems silly to pay extra for food without an incredible

view. doesnt it? Besides. you’ll spend more money tonight in only 1 0 minutes in the VIP room. so quit playing cheap now.

So there are no more excuses, but what are the benefits? Well, if you need more benefits than reasonably priced great food while watching

gorgeous women taking their clothes off, well frankly you shouldn’t but here you go, It allows you to peruse the talent slowly You can have a

leisurely meal while enjoying each woman in the club, dancing on stage, When they sit down to talk. and begin working the conversation

toward the VIP room. you can put that conversation on hold. You’re here to have dinner first and enjoy the show. before moving on to more fun

upstai rs.

The truth is you want to make sure you see enough to make an informed decision before you throw your entire paycheck at someone, You

need to see them all dance, and listen to them all talk before you can really make the right decision. because you can only afford to hit the ATM

once…maybe. Now you’ve discovered a built-in excuse to keep that 9 on the hook while you keep watching for that 10, After you’ve finished

your food (and waited the requisite half-hour. like swmmng) now you’re ready to move on to the next phase of the debauchery. Now you’re

going to be the one all of the IO’S are trying to land You’re the guy who knew the secret; eating at the strip club is a pro-move.

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